Money, Blood and Conscience

How do you stand up for the truth, when the truth is too dangerous?

An idealistic American TV producer starts a ch​arity to feed famine victims amid Ethiopia's civil war. "You're not in California here," Meles Zenawi, Ethiopia's rebel leader-turned-prime minister reminds him. "This is a different world."

As Buddy Schwartz's good intentions run into the secret realities of the foreign aid racket, he can no longer stay on the sidelines. But how can he choose between his Ethiopian lover, millions of famine victims, and the mysteries of his own heart?

Money, Blood and Conscience is a political novel-- or parable-- about Ethiopia's present-day struggle for freedom. Linked to a real social action campaign, it depicts the cover-up of a holocaust and raises questions about the means and ends of Western policy in dark places. David Steinman superbly portrays the fight by the world's poorest for food and justice and draws the reader into a magnificent, heartbreaking campaign for human dignity.